Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Office!

After seeing several posts by other school counselor bloggers sharing their office spaces, I've decided to share mine as well. I really love how my office has turned out this year (thanks to Pinterest for several ideas!) and have received a lot of positive feedback from both students and staff. The best compliment is when someone tells me they'd like to curl up in one of my chairs and take a nap! Seems like I've achieved the comfortable, welcoming environment I was striving for!

I am very lucky to have a nice sized office that allows for small group space, individual student space and my computer/desk/storage space that is separate from my "kid zones".

Here are some pictures of my office!


Twitter door....idea from Pinterest! twitter door

Other side of my door.....
all the things I help students with.

Modified idea from
Andrea at 
Message center next to my door.


Small group area with group norms & discussion prompts

K-2 Small group table/area
3-6 Small group table

Bulletin board-idea from Counseling with Confidence 

Individual meeting area with slip covered
chairs that cost $6 each at a local thrift store!

Another bulletin board
Bookshelf from my basement
covered with contact paper

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  1. If I were one of the kids in your school, I'd definitely drop by your office each day. It's gorgeous, and it's nice that you have place for everything that has to take place in that area. The wall color is so soothing, and it perfectly accentuates every detail in your office.

    -Blake Mitchell